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Gay Therapy LA with Ken Howard, LCSW

Jan 12, 2021

Ken discusses the terms we use in gay male relationships to describe functions and roles, about what you are -- and what you want to be. 

Dec 29, 2020

Ken discusses gay men who fall in love with straight or unavailable men. 

Dec 9, 2020

Ken Howard, LCSW, gives tips to gay male couples who no longer have sex, and practical ways to "thaw" the stalemate and restore sex. 

Nov 25, 2020

GayTherapyLA founder, Ken Howard, LCSW gives tips on dealing with the stress of COVID-19, how to avoid pitfalls, and ultimately prepare for recovery. 

Nov 13, 2020

Ken gives tips to prospective gay dads on questions to ask yourselves and each other about the option of having kids in a gay male relationship.